Welcome to Samantha Grant Aesthetics. Our main focus is that your experience with us is professional, safe and unique from start to finish.

Anti Wrinkle

Areas that can be treated are the lines around the eyes, the frown and the horizontal lines across the forehead. This treatment generally lasts 3-5 months depending on the client. This also includes a top up after 2 weeks.

Nerfertiti Lift

This involves injecting Botox into the lower jawline and the platsyma muscles in the neck thus providing an uplifting effect to the neck and jaw muscles.


The treatment is for patients who suffer from the common condition of excessive sweating under the under arms. Using Botox to block the activity of the sweat glands. It also lasts approximately 6 months, this also includes a top up appointment.

Cheek Augmentation

With the use of high quality hyaluronic acid, I am able to help create those “apple cheeks’ that are associated with youth and beauty.


A course of up to three treatments will produce the optimum results. These injections of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and vitamins provide the skin with hydration, illumination and rejuvenation.

Chemical Peels

The Perfect Peel is my treatment of choice due to its amazing results and pain free process. It is a revolutionary peel that will transform your skin into younger looking, healthier and clearer skin in just one week.

PRP Therapy

10mls of blood is taken from the arm and treated in a centrifuge machine to split the plasma from the red blood cells.


This treatment is an exclusive skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just one course of two treatments.

Chin & Jawline Augmentation

If you feel that your jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition or has begun to sag due to ageing or weight loss you may want to consider this treatment.

Lip & Dermal Fillers

This is filler for the lip enhancement, nasal labial lines, marionettes lines and peri oral lines

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Using a long lasting filler a series of injections are made to the nose to build up volume, disguise or fill out deformities in the bridge of the nose, in the tip to lift it to alter the profile and in some cases to decrease the flaring of the nostrils

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Welcome to Samantha Grant Aesthetics.

Our main focus is that your experience with us is professional, safe and unique from start to finish. Everybody has a different goal in mind whether it is just a personal journey you have decided to begin or if you just want to feel fresh faced for a special occasion. With the world of aesthetic treatments forever evolving, it can be confusing sometimes knowing which path to take so it is important to feel confident in the medical practitioner treating you.

The importance of a consultation cannot be emphasised enough and here at Samantha Grant Aesthetics, a thorough pre treatment consultation is given to every patient to ensure they are able to look at options, alternative treatments, risks involved and to be sure that medically the required treatment is above all safe for you to undertake.

The aim of all treatments is to achieve a natural yet refreshed look taking into account the natural contours of your features, the dynamic nature of your expressions and the realistic goal you wish to achieve.

Samantha will guide you on the most advanced options for your age and skin integrity to sympathetically enhance your appearance and advise you on how to achieve your long term goal. There is a definitely an artistic element to this work and to have a good eye for aesthetics, it is important to not only know what to do in a methodical way, but also to remain respectful to the canvas you are working with to ensure that you respect the golden ratio of beauty.