Plasma Treatment – Skin Tightening, Non Surgical

This treatment is a revolutionary skin tightening that requires no surgical intervention but it is able to tighten and lift the skin instantly. This device works by delivering an ionised gas which charges the air just above the skin. This process generates a tiny lightening bolt that damages existing skin cells and causes them to contract.

This is when the magic happens as the skins natural healing processes go into overdrive. New cells are encouraged to grow boosting new collagen and elastin which helps the skin to maintain its elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Depending upon the intensity of the plasma treatment, the therapy can be used to treat superficial and deep wrinkles, as well as more extensive issues such as sagging skin and deep lines.

What can be treated?

Crows feet £200
Eyelid tightening £250
Under eye bags £250
Skin tags £50 then £5 per tag
Peri Oral Lines £200
Stretch marks £450
Neck lift £500
Deep lines on face £300

What can I expect after my treatment?

Downtime for this treatment is approximately seven to ten days due to crusts that will form. These little crusts will fall off on their own but this process can take up to a week to complete. Some oedema can occur especially with the eye treatment. Occasionally post inflammatory pigmentation can occur, therefore it is advisable to wear the high factor sun cream you will be provided with and to follow the after care you will be given .